Highland Light Scottish Pipe Band

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Meet the band

Plymouth native, Mark Pasquantonio playing the bass drum with the band


  • Sheldon Hamblin – Pipe Major
  • Anne O'Donnell – Pipe Sergeant
  • Carole Lamerson - Pipe Corporal
  • Tony Breen
  • Ryan Ide
  • Leslie Kenney
  • Dave Knauer
  • Doug MacLeod
  • Iain McEwen
  • Calum McLachlan
  • Brannagh O'Donnell*
  • David Shaw
  • Thomas Thayer
  • James Toal
  • Alexander McAra (student)
  • Ben Letourneau (student)
  • John Letourneau (student)
  • Aidan Dasilva (student)
  • Daniel Campinell (student)
  • Jack Knox (student)


  • Al Hoyt, snare,bass - Drum Major Emeritus
  • Doug Brown, snare – Drum Sergeant
  • Mark Pasquantonio Sr.-Bass, snare- Drum Corporal
  • Conor Breen, bass, snare
  • Peter Breen, snare
  • Aric Johnson, snare, pipes
  • Mark Pasquantonio Jr., snare
  • Verna Ross-Hoyt, tenor
  • Jacob Tibbert, tenor
  • Victoria Johnson, tenor
  • Xavier Zahara (student)
  • Katelyn Studenski (student)

*Competing member of the Grade 3, 2016 WORLD CHAMPION Worcester Kiltie Pipe Band (We saw her cry on the BBC). Now competing with the Grade 2 Scotia Glenville Pipe Band.

The snare drummers of the Highland Light performing in the higland games in Vermont.

Executive Board and Band Officers

  • Pipe Major: Sheldon Hamblin
  • Pipe Sergeant: Anne O'Donnell
  • Drum Sergeant: Douglas Brown
  • Drum Major Emeritus: Al Hoyt
  • Quartermaster: Helen MacLeod
  • President/Band Manager: Doug MacLeod
  • Vice President: Tony Breen
  • Clerk: Carole Lamerson
  • Treasurer: Mark Pasquantonio Sr.
  • Provisioner/keeper of the sacred cooler: Tony Breen

The band meets year round to rehearse both drill and music. Many band members also prepare for solo competition at nearby Highland games.